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Electric Vehicles have an important role to play in meeting air quality legislation and the UK’s target and commitment to climate change. For these reasons, we are using our experience and knowledge in engineering to support and aid customers with the best EV charging solutions.

It is important to consider the options available in the different types of Electrical Vehicle charging stations. We are dedicated to helping our customers in making this decision. This ensures that the EV charger of your choice is suitable and provides enough power at home and in a business setting, which is why we consider this to be an  EV charging solution.

Install small EV charging points at your home or business:

Afterwards, place an order for your new Electric Vehicle. To find out how to set up an Electric Vehicle Charging Point at an existing property, book an appointment.

Work Place charging:

A large or small parking facility can create a major opportunity to provide an extra daily income for your business so we are here to give you EV charging solutions in a safe and efficient manner.

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What We Do

You need to think about what type of Electrical vehicle charging station you would like to install therefore EV Installation companies need to do a survey to find out the type of EV charger you want, in order to ensure the most suitable option is made available at your home or business.


Building a new property and want to install an Electric Vehicle Charge Station?

If you are Property Developer or building your own new house and want to install an Electric Vehicle Charge Station you should make your application for a new electricity supply with your DNO. We will notify and do all your paperwork on your behalf.


Grant for Electrical Vehicle Charging points (OLEV Grant)

To charge your new Electrical Vehicle, the best way to do this is by installing an EV home charger at your home or small business. You may also be eligible for funding through the Electrical Vehicle Home charge Scheme. To do this, you will need to appoint a car charger installation to carry out the work.


Install electric car charging points for business

Whether you are installing Electric Vehicle Charge Station as part of your development or looking to build a standalone EV charging solutions we can help you ensure that you get the most efficient, cost effective connection to the network. We have introduced specialist pre-application support to make sure you get your application right first time.

Why Choose Us

EV charging solutions for the entire EV project, including in-house groundworks, line painting, and signage team.

We can consult on other aspects of renewable building projects such as integrated Solar PV and battery storage systems.

We work with a number of partners to offer additional payments and billing solutions for residents when required.

 Free consultation and design service, including liaison with all stakeholders including residents and the management company.

Expert Engineers

Our well-trained expert Engineering team with Over 17 years of experience in the Electrical industry, specializing in EV charging for the past 4 years.

Experience Skills

As experts in our field, we are able to offer all the essential advice to ensure you get an installation that is custom-made to your requirements.

Guarantee Service

Erecharging is a leading supplier and installer of electric car charging points in the UK. Installations start at £479 and are covered by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

Trusted Work

We are a registered company with the two biggest Electrical organisation in the UK named NICEIC and ECA therefore, we are competent, in compliance with building regulations, complaints procedures, and platinum promise. Please click here for further information

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